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About Us

Active Soles Running Company is locally owned and operated by runners for runners, walkers and for anyone engaged in an active lifestyle.

What Makes Us Different

At Active Soles Running, we focus on providing you with running shoes that fit properly, gear that improves your experience and knowledge to help you move in comfort. Whether that’s providing all day comfort for health care professionals, a 30-minute daily walker or the marathoner. Depending on how your body naturally moves while you walk or run, off staff can determine the amount of support you need from your shoes. The type of foam cushion, arch support, heel to toe drop and upper construction can all affect how comfortable you feel on the move. Your activity matters and is always taken into consideration for all fittings and recommendations.

Understanding where your body places pressure on your feet while you walk lets us gauge if you have a neutral gait or if you pronate or supinate. While there is no correct way for your body to move, we make sure you feel your best while you run or walk by getting shoes that are designed to support your foot. We analyze your gait pattern and the pressure points on your feet as you walk. This helps us get a clear idea of the way your body moves along with the support and cushioning level you may need based on the natural rolling motion of your feet.

Ultimately, the shoes that feel best are probably good for you and we’ll take the time to ensure you achieve this. Our staff is committed to achieve the best fit by providing an individual, personalized fitting experience coupled with our exceptional customer service.